Faculty Profile

Name: Dr. Hema Kumari Mehar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Psychology
Office No: 9460485775
Email Address: drhemamlsu@gmail.com
Profile/CV: Detailed Profile
Research Area: Clinical Psychology, Positive Psychology, Applied Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Career Psychology
Research Details
    • Research Paper titled “Locus of control, Subjective well-being and self-efficacy among college students” in May 2016, Vol. III Issue-IX, Pg no. 54-60. Refereed Journal - Shrinkhala , A Multi-Disciplinary International Journal. ISSN No. 2321-290X (P), 2349-980X (E). Impact Factor 4.473(SJIF)
  • Published Research Paper Title “Gratitude and Forgiveness as a predictor of well-being among female college students” December 2016, Vol.7, Issue 4, Pg No. 511-514, Indian Journal of Positive Psychology. ISSN No. 2229-4937(p), 2321-368X(e)
  • Research Paper Titled “Effect of Meditation on Happiness among College Students” in 2016, Pg no. 73-78. Indian Journal of Psychology, ISSN No.0019-5553. Indian Psychological Association
  • Research Paper Titled “Effect of Anxiety and Depression on Post Traumatic Events among College Students “April 2016,Vol.7 Issue 4,Pg No. 25-31. International Research Journal of Management, Sociology & Humanities. ISSN No. 2348-9359(P) 2277-9809(O)
  • Research Paper Titled on “Quality of Life and Self Efficacy among College Students” January 2017, Vol.11 No.1, Pg No. 18-23. Journal of Well-Being, A Refereed Journal. ISSN No. 0974-8717 - UGC listed Journal
  • Research Paper Titled on “A Comparative Study of Self confidence Factors of Male and Female Students of Educated and Uneducated Parents” July 2017, Vol.11 No.2, Pg No. 8-12. Journal of Well-Being, A Refereed Journal. ISSN No. 0974-8717. UGC listed Journal
  • Research Paper Titled on “A Comparative Study of Academic Resilience and Optimism among students of Educated and Uneducated Parents” January 2018, Vol.8, No.1, pp-28-33. Indian Journal of Psychology and Education. ISSN No. 2231-1432
  • Research Paper Titled on “Influence of Motivational Movies on Coping Abilities among Physically Challenged Women Adults” June 2019, Vol.4, Issue-06. Research Review International Journal of Multidisciplinary. ISSN No. 2455-3085 (Online) UGC listed Journal
  • Research Paper Titled on “Study the Effect of Forgiveness on Happiness among Elderly Women” April 2021, Issue No. 291(CCXCI) G, Pg no. 53-56.B.Aadhar Peer-Reviewed & Refereed Indexed -Multidisciplinary International Research Journal. ISSN No. 2278-9308. Impact Factor-7.675(SJIF)
  • Research Paper Titled on “Shiksha vyavastha : Pracheen Bharat ke vishesh sandharbh mein” July –September 2021,Pg. no. 119-122. Samsamyik srajan. ISSN No. 2320-5733. UGC Care Listed S.N. -61
  • Research Paper Titled on “Mahilayon ke tanaav prabandan mein Bhagvatgeeta, yog avam adhyatam ki bhumika” December 2021, Issue No. (CCCXXIX) 329-H. B.Aadhar Peer-Reviewed & Refereed Indexed, Multidisciplinary International Research Journal. ISSN No. 2278-9308.Impact Factor-7.675(SJIF)
  • Research Paper Titled on “An Evaluation Of Yoga's Impact On Pelvic Pain And Mental Health After Pregnancy” Vol. XXIII, No: 18, 2022, Pg No.48-58. RABINDRA BHARATI JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY. ISSN: 0973-0087
  • Research Paper Titled on “Social Support and life satisfaction among Disabled Adults” Volume 8, Issue 08, August 2022, Pg No. 263-269.Zeichen Journal. ISSN : 0932-4747. Paper ID-ZJ/2926. UGC Care Approved Group- II Journal
  • Research Paper Titled on “Effect Of Yoga On Well-Being Among Pregnant Woman: An Empirical Research” Vol. XCV, No.32, 2022, Pg No. 15-22.JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF MUMBAI. ISSN: 0972-0766
  • Research Paper Titled on “E-Commerce: A new normal to retail market” Vol. 02, No. 03 (I), July-September 2022, Pp 139-143.International Journal of Innovations & Research Analysis(IJIRA). ISSN : 2583-0295. Impact Factor- 5.449
  • Research Paper Titled on “Life Satisfaction and Depression: A Study on Transgender” July 2023,Vol.17 No.2 pp 56-67.Journal of Well-Being-A Refereed Biannual Journal. ISSN No. 0974-8717



  • Book Name “Principles of Research Methodology”, September 2022. ISBN No. 978-93-954560-6-7. DIP: 18.10.939545606X. DOI: 10.25215/939545606X. Red’shine publication, India, (Paradox Publication Guide House)

Chapters in Books

  • Chapter name “Vidhyarthiyo mein utpan tanaav : karan avam samadhaan, March 2021, Manav Vyavhaar par tanaav la prabhav avam prabandan”. ISBN 978-81-949767-1-4. N.D Publication, New Delhi
  • Chapter Name “A Roof Over the Head: A Gender Specific Correlation Study”, 2022,Pg No. 1-11, Healthy Aging for a Healthy Planet. ISBN 978-93-94779-67-9. Bharti Publications, New Delhi

Editor in Journal

  • B.Aadhar Peer-Reviewed & Refereed Indexed -Multidisciplinary International Research Journal, December 2021, Issue No. (CCCXXIX) 329-G.ISSN No.2278-9308 Impact Factor- 7.675(SJIF)
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