Faculty Profile

Name: Dr. Tarun Kumar Sharma
Designation: Incharge-Head & Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Psychology
Office No: 9414620844
Email Address: tksmlsu@gmail.com
Profile/CV: Detailed Profile
Research Area: Applied Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Research Details

Research interests

Care-giving in mental illnesses, Suicidal ideation and depression, Emotional and Behavioural problems, Cognitive functioning, Therapeutic interventions of dance and music, Hybrid working, Qualitative research

Research Project

RUSA-II sponsored project on ‘Suicides in Kota: Understanding causes and preparing prevention strategies in the form of a documentary film’ (Ongoing project)

Ph.D. Supervision

Ph.D. Awarded: 4

  1. ‘A study of Psychosocial determinants of Cognitive Functioning among Elderly people’ by Ms Khushboo Porwal
  2. ‘Personality and Psychophysical health in relation to Dance Training: A Therapeutic intervention of Dance Movement Therapy’ by Ms Leni Nagda
  3. ‘Treatment of Depression among Youth through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy using Musical Intervention’ by Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary
  4. ‘Role, Experiences and Training of Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients: A Qualitative Study’ by Ms Mubina Sheikh

Ph.D. Ongoing: 4

  •  ‘A comparison of diagnostic indicators of depression and depression with psychotic symptoms on Rorschach test’ by Ms Neetu Sharma
  • Effectiveness of Psycho-education in Emotional and Behavioural Problems (EBPs) among Adolescents’ by Mr Deepesh Chaurasiya
  • Exploring the Experiential Dynamics of Dating Applications Users’ by Ms Himani Sharma
  • Assessing Mental Health Literacy and Mental Help Seeking Attitude among Teachers and Parents’ by Ms Priyanka Kumawat

Major publications

  • Sharma, T.K. (2023) Hybrid Working: The future of Organizations in ‘Reshaping the Business World Post COVID-19’, Apple Academic Press & Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, Indexed in Scopus
  • Sharma, T.K. and Sheikh, M. (2023) Qualitative Exploration of the Role of Caregivers in Alzheimer’s Dementia, Indian Journal of Gerontology, 37 (4), UGC CARE journal
  • Sharma, T.K. and Parvez, S. (2022) Childhood Experiences in Paintings: Expressions by Contemporary Indian Artists. ShodhKosh: Journal of Visual and Performing Arts, 3 (2) UGC CARE journal
  • Sharma, T.K. (2015) Kaushal vikas mai chunotiya avam udhyamita. Yojana October 2015, Publication Division, Ministry  of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India
  • Sharma, T.K. (2014). Palayan : Majburi ya sahara. Yojana, October 2014. Publication Division, Ministry  of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India
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